Christmas Goodies

We had a nice Christmas. It was quiet–just my husband and my parents, but we had a relaxing couple of days. We watched movies (Holiday Inn and To Catch a Thief), opened presents, and just generally enjoyed each others company.

But you want to know about the loot, right?

2015-12-25 16.03.49

This was my gift from Kosta: a Pelikan fountain pen. It is so beautiful, writes so smooth, and totally gave my inner office supply nerd a real thrill. (Yes, that kind of thrill.) I am waiting for a little sleeve I bought from Zenok Leather on Etsy so that it doesn’t get damaged rattling around in my purse. My Mom and Dad gave me monnogrammed notecards and now I want to write everyone thank you letters. So do something nice for me so I can send one, will you?

2015-12-26 19.51.44

Ignore the eggnog Frappuccino. This was one of the things I gave Kosta. For those of you who don’t know about Greek culture, this is a set of worry beads called “komboloi.” (You pronounce it Comb-BOW-loy)If you’ve ever been to Greece you will have no doubt seen mostly men fiddling with these, swinging them around their fingers, etc. Every time we go to Greece he can’t stop buying different sets. So why, you ask, another set? Because last time we were in a shop in Delphi and he was debating between a solid silver set and an amber and silver set. He chose the all silver but I think he regretted it. I found a shop on Etsy called The Beaded Garden (from Athens, no less) and found a silver and amber set. He adores them, I don’t mind mentioning.

2015-12-30 06.51.34

Since I found out just how much Kosta spend on my fountain pen (GULP) I felt I needed to get him something else. A month or so ago he saw this pair of coffee mugs on Etsy (oh how we do love Etsy!) and he could not stop laughing about them. They came from Ruddy Waters Pottery. They were a little expensive, but hello, PEN, so I bought them. He went back a few weeks ago to look at them again and saw they had sold and he was disappointed. So wasn’t he surprised when he opened these beauties:

2015-12-30 06.51.44His and Hers ugly mugs. Graciously, he is letting me use the one on the left. I call her Three-Tooth Tillie. They are our new Sunday morning mugs. Yes, we have Sunday morning mugs. We are weird. But if we ever get rich, we’ll merely be eccentric.

Did you get any goodies you want to share?


One thought on “Christmas Goodies

  1. Let’s see. I got a ticket to go to the Farewell tour of BARRY MANILOW!!! My angelic daughter is taking me. Greater love hath no daughter than to go to a Barry Manilow concert with her Mother. Love you, Sweetheart!


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