Things Found in Library Books: Part 4

Don’t get me wrong, I am not making fun of anyone’s religious beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their own relationship with the Divine (or not). I was just impressed with this pamphlet (© 1974 Leon I. Bates) and its attention to detail. I do feel Mr. Bates believed the Rapture was upon us because of the Energy Crisis of 1973.

I do take umbrage to folks who preach fear and terror, so maybe I am a little gleeful that Mr. Bates’ prediction missed his timeline (as they all seem to do.)

Of course, it was found in a donated Bible.

tribulation map



















Tribuation map 2

I do like how he refers to Satan and his staff, I can just picture the cubicles in hell. I also enjoy the liberal sprinkling of quotation marks. They make it extra special with tribulational goodness.

Tribulation map 3 copy

I wonder if he did the artwork himself.

Tribulation map 4 copy

I love me a good fill in the blank quiz. I really wish I could get my hands on the book “PROJECTION FOR SURVIVAL.” I bet there is some outstanding artwork inside.

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