Breakfast Club

My husband and I are fond of going out for breakfast. We started regularly going to the same place every Friday and began to recognize the same people who also came every Friday morning. There was the nice lady who sat at the counter with her daughter, the two PE teachers, and the mom, daughter and granddaughter trio that sat against the far wall.

One morning we arrived at breakfast on Friday to find our restaurant dark, locked, and completely closed down. There was a sign on the door directing folks to a sister restaurant not too far away. When we arrived we saw all the other regulars there too. And we were so relieved to see friendly faces, we all sat together, which became the start of my non-John-Hughes Breakfast Club.

That was several years ago. Since then, new members have joined us, a few have moved away, but there is a solid core that has always remained. The venue has changed quite a few times but we never fail to get together every Friday. We always have a marvelous time. We laugh, sometimes too loudly, we share our lives. We hang out more than just on Friday mornings, but we can always depend on a happy start to the weekend, regardless of how the rest of the week has gone.

2016-03-04 07.37.59

This morning L to R: Tammy, Susan, Kosta, Diane, Cary, me.

I love my Breakfast Club. They are pretty awesome.

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