A is for…

AAgios Nikolaus

There are many towns in Greece named Agios Nikolaus. He was the patron saint of fishermen so many coastal villages bear his name. This particular village is just south of Kardimyli on the Peloponnese in Greece. In 2014 we stayed there overnight with our friends at a lovely place called the Pension Anna. It was so wonderful I wish we could have stayed several nights instead of just one. The rooms were new and clean and each one had a small terrace with a table and chairs to sit and enjoy the gardens that surrounded the pension house.

Pension Anna

Pension Anna

But the village itself was the most breathtaking. In the warm light of the morning sun we breakfasted right on the water. How could one be anything but blissful in surroundings such as this with a cappuccino as big as your head? Lovely, beautiful, Agios Nikolaus. I long to spend a month or two writing, eating seafood, and watching the water.

Our view at breakfast.

Our view at breakfast.

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