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Irea is a small village on the Peloponnese of Greece. When Kosta and I were there in 2011, Kosta’s relative (we call her an aunt–close enough) Froso took us to a local festival there for the Assumption of the Virgin. The whole town was strung with lights and we went up the hill to the church. The icon of the Virgin Mary was bought out and paraded around the town with everyone following behind with candles.

The church in Irea, all lit up.

The church in Irea, all lit up.

After the service we went down the hill and feasted on roast pig, fresh bread, and lots of ice-cold beer. There was music and dancing and we were the only two tourists in the whole place. It was amazing.

Roast pork--so delicious.

Roast pork–so delicious.

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