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My husband is 100% Greek extraction. His mother’s maiden name is Karnegis, and there is actually a town on the Peloponnese named for that family. His aunt Froso (see Irea post from April 11) has a house there and we got to stay for a few days 2011. There are perhaps 10-12 houses, but they have their own church and it is painted beautifully inside over every surface with icons of saints and angels. It really took my breath away and I wish I could show you but it is not polite to take pictures inside churches in Greece.

Karnezaika--the road in town.

Karnezaika–the road in town.

The town has one shop, used to have a gas station, and just about everyone is related.  The cemetery that clings to the side of the church at the top of the hill is filled with my husband’s relatives and ancestors. The house where Froso grew up now houses her niece and family. In fact, the Germans occupied that very house during World War II. Karnezaika is quiet, dusty, hot, and completely wonderful.

Kosta and Froso.

Kosta and Froso.

The cemetery next to the church--full of Kosta's ancestors.

The cemetery next to the church–full of Kosta’s ancestors.

Beauty everywhere you look.

Beauty everywhere you look.

2 thoughts on “K is for…

  1. Greece is amazing. So are your pictures. the island looks like the perfect getaway, stress-free and magical. Dig that road without traffic. What’s the peak hour traffic like? 🙂 Do peak hours even exist there?

    Your post is a treat! Thank you.

    Happy A-Zing

    Ninja Minion

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