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MMesa Verde

At the southern edge of Colorado is a National Park that tugs at me. Mesa Verde is home to a series of cliff dwellings made by the Anasazi, or Ancient Ones. Their heyday was about 800 years ago, and the stone and wood structures they created on the cliff sides still remain in remarkably good condition.

Cliff Palace--the largest of the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde.

Cliff Palace–the largest of the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde.

In 2007 Kosta and I took our first vacation together and learned just how well-matched we are as a traveling team. We both dig the same things: history, archaeology, and the glorious beauty of the great outdoors. We had both been there as children and had a marvelous time rediscovering the place together. My favorite dwelling was  Balcony House, which is only accessible by climbing a 32 foot ladder and then crawling through a tunnel to get out.

Going up the ladder at Balcony House.

Going up the ladder at Balcony House.

I find it truly remarkable that these people used to live on the side of the cliff and with the skeletal remains they have found, there has been no evidence anyone fell to their death.

The view of mesa country from Balcony House.

The view of mesa country from Balcony House.

2 thoughts on “M is for…

  1. A few years ago we went to the Walnut Canyon National Park in northern Arizona which was much the same (no castle, though!). The view was incredible, I can see why they would take the time to do it. Inside the rooms it was so cool and nice they didn’t need air conditioning or anything, and most of the plants in the canyon are edible, so they had it made. It’s amazing where people can live if they really want to.

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  2. Marvelous! I remember that trip. I climbed that ladder. I don’t remember having to crawl out through a tunnel. Maybe I erased it from my memory. I remember the deer at our campsite.

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