The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had

My husband has a line he rolls out regularly: “If I’d known how much fun it is to be married, I’d have done it four or five times by now.”

The feeling is mutual.

Look at that face. How can you resist that face?

Look at that face. How can you resist that face?

It’s his birthday today and I want to take a moment to tell you how very much this crazy galoot rocks my world. He makes me laugh every day. He’s whip smart, sweet, kind, and can change a tire faster than I thought possible. We work together, live together, and somehow do not get sick of each other. He’s my best friend and  the number one person I want with me when the zombie apocalypse comes.

We may not agree on everything. We have different political views, he appreciates mostly Classical music, but those things are minor blips. I just know he’s the last person I want to see before I go to sleep, and am excited that he’s the first person I get to see in the morning.

Happy Birthday, Konstantine-George. You may not get 60 more years, but what you are alotted you’re spending with me. I love you. Warts & lice and all.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had

  1. We’re so glad he is part of our family, but it is a little upsetting to have a 60 year old son, especially when I’m only 65, He feels like a son to me. A son-in-love.

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