The Pilot Metropolitan

2017-01-28-10-21-13There are many ways I am a total nerd, but one way my freak flag flies is over office supplies. I have a weakness for blank notebooks, stationary, freshly sharpened pencils, and fountain pens. And I want to tell you about a fountain pen I recently discovered that is not expensive and writes like a dream.

Meet the Pilot Metropolitan. At about $14, this is the nicest pen you can buy in the price range. It is weighty, sits nicely in the hand, and comes in a variety of colors. It makes my heart throb a little to look at the lovely array I have here. And for a pen that is this inexpensive it is surprisingly smooth. The nib just glides over the paper in way that makes my heart go pitter-pat.  My heart, apparently, is highly affected by fountain pens.

There are different nibs too. There are fine, medium and broad tips that you can buy. But keep in mind that these are Japanese and their fine nib is super fine. My first (the turquoise) is a fine nib and it is almost like writing with a needle. But it is perfect for me to write in my daily calendar pages. The other two are medium nibs and I find them perfect for writing in my journal.

2017-01-28-10-37-55And then there is the question of ink! Oh my goodness there are so many beautiful colors of ink out there these days. One to suit every whim, every mood. And the Metropolitan works with cartridges or a converter so you can use bottled ink as well, which makes your options endless.

If you find yourself getting all hot and bothered by pens and paper as I, do yourself a favor and get yourself a Pilot Metropolitan. You’ll be instantly in love.

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