Plague Diaries #9

I have a very dear friend who is one of those people who is without guile or pretense. She is a genuine, authentic soul who says what she means, is kind to the core, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. She is a beautiful soul.

I’ve been keeping in contact with her through email lately and have mentioned my problems with anxiety. And she offered to give me acupuncture treatments. She is a retired nurse who also studied eastern medicine for three years and is a licensed acupuncture practitioner. Yesterday afternoon was my first session.

I lay on cushions on the floor on my back. She took my pulse three places in my right wrist and three places in my left wrist, and also in my neck. She inserted two needles in each wrist, two in each foot, one in the top of my head and five in my left ear. And I lay there for a while.

It wasn’t unpleasant, in fact, other than being pricked with needles, it was actually nice to just lay there and not be expected to do anything. We talked a little, she told me about her journey through learning eastern medicine and even how she went to China to study acupuncture there for two months. On top of being a kind person, she also has the soul of a wanderer–she’s been so many places in the world and I love to hear her stories of travel.

After she took the needles out we sat and talked a little while and then I went home. I can’t say I felt a huge difference right away, but this morning I did notice an easing in my breathing. I plan to go back some night after work this week to do it again.

I can’t tell you how much her friendship means to me. She’s someone who understands anxiety and depression, having battled them herself. In a world where so many people are selfish and rude, finding a truly kind person is a rarity. To have such a person in one’s life is a gift and I will never take her for granted, even if she never gave me acupuncture. Just spending time with her and talking lifts my spirit and brings me joy.

Thank you, my dear, for your love and friendship and needles.


2 thoughts on “Plague Diaries #9

  1. hi, I’ve had some experience with acupuncture & am a true believer. there are a lot of places to chose from. anyone not good at it, can hurt you. the last place I went, was great. cost $90 per visit. well worth it, but I can’t afford it. that was 3 yrs ago, so probably more now. went a few times. I really liked that guy. he was very busy, hard to get an appointment. you can tell if they know what they are doing. the woman who has odd hours, tells you all about her problems & her young daughter is the office manager, probably not what you want. acp doesn’t work like a fast shot. it takes time & helps with lots of things as well as the relaxation & other relief you feel right away. when I had ins. that pd. 80%, I went two times a wk. loved it. this man was part of a chinese family of doctors. he was teaching his young son. fee was $65, 10 years ago. my ins. is frm work. that one yr. of acp was very unusual. acp is so very beneficial to your whole system, ins. would be wise to provide it. they would save enough to build more lovely buildings & give raises to all the suits in the clouds. I went to a retired nurse who was very interested in acp, but was such a cold, old nun teacher personality, I just couldn’t continue with her. she was very well experienced & educated, but I never seemed to feel better from her. I always felt that she didn’t approve of me for some reason. acp would have been so good for Jan. my advice is go as much as you can. it will do wonders for you. not just the problem you started out to treat. I wish I could go now. acp is made for fibromyalgia. having DJT in power is so toxic counting the days till he is gone. we should all have acp daily. whoops–not going there. love Aunt Kay



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