Anna Karras is a writer of fiction and essays.

A kick-ass reference librarian, Anna has been a voracious reader and writer all her life. Dubbed “a reading fool” by her husband, she pretty much loves to read anything with a strong protagonist, clear prose and a great adventure. She loves writing the same.

In addition to reading and writing, Anna loves to travel, has passions for art history and archaeology, and is a rabid knitter obsessed with making socks for her family and friends.

Anna lives in Naples, FL, with her adorable dork of a husband who keeps her well-fed and laughing.  The two of them spend as many vacations abroad as their salaries will allow and spent last summer eating their way across Greece and ogling adorable goats.





See? Totally adorable.

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  1. Help! I have found your blog through the #Challenge and left you a comment under the letter Q. I want to follow the blog, but could only find a way to do that through Reader. I prefer to follow by e-mail notified when a post appears. Living a busy life, I never remember to look at Reader. Perhaps I have missed this choice. Please let e know. THANKS.


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