Help for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

I know first hand what it is like to live through the aftermath of a hurricane. But the devastation that was seen in the Caribbean last week from Hurricane Maria far surpasses anything I know. Our government is not moving fast enough to help the situation that is very quickly becoming cataclysmic.

If you want to help, I am posting a link that I donated to earlier today. Global Giving has a goal to raise $2 million dollars that will go directly to buying food, water, medicine and other emergency supplies for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and other islands in the Caribbean that were toppled by the hurricane. They are vetted and legit.  As of this posting they have about $700,000 left to raise. Every little bit helps.

These people are hot, thirsty, hungry and afraid for their lives. Please consider donating.

My Cryptic Message from the Universe…

Remember last week when I showed you that amazing book donation we received?

The riveting 1974 page-turner Weeds of Canada.

The riveting 1974 page-turner Weeds of Canada.


Well the Universe is trying to tell us something because this was donated today:

That's right. Now we have two.

That’s right. Now we have two.

Have you ever heard of anything so weird? I’m wondering if any of my Canuck friends (Mary, Caitlin or Mary Ann) are having possible weed issues? Probably not in March, but remember this summer, I’m your go-to person.

I feel like the Oracle at Delphi just gave me a cryptic message that one day I will curse in anger: “Zounds! If only I had kept that Weeds of Canada book and taken in seriously! For here I am lost in the wilds of Saskatchewan and don’t know if this leafy spurge is edible! Whatever shall I do now?”