Challenge on Photography Day 7

Nature Photography Challenge Day 7Wild Cyclamen

Another photo from Greece–this one from Ancient Mycenae. In the ruins of a 2500 year old fortress perched on a mountain peak are these sweet little cyclamen growing up between the stones. They were so unlike the rest of the place–fresh, light, and verdant, and not at all what one would expect to grow in the scorching heat. They felt like a promise to me–that while humans will build up and tear down, nature will always be there to renew and refresh what has been destroyed.

Challenge on Photography Day 1

I was nominated by my dear friend Danielle to post seven Geology/Nature photos in seven days. I do love taking pictures and gladly accept the challenge.monarch on leaf

This butterfly was captured at the Naples Botanical Gardens back in 2008. This is a really lovely place to visit… they have all types of gardens to wander through. At Christmas they put up lots of lights and have evening visitation hours which is a beautiful and fun experience.